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The Crimson Fist
Wonder-Red art.png
Number 001
Weapon Vulcan Knuckles
Assignment Blossom City, USA
Real name Will Wedgewood
Age 25y
Height 170cm
Weight 62kg
Occupation Elementary-school teacher
Hobby Crosswords
Body type Layman
Found Operation 000

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Wonder-Red is a member of The Wonderful 100. During the events of Earth Defense War III, he is appointed the leader of the team, and succeds in bringing them to defeat the GEATHJERK.

Despite being the newest Wonderful One, Wonder-Red's leadership skills are evident. His no-nonsense attitude allows him to direct the group to the correct course of action quickly, and while his attempts to negotiate with opposing forces always fail, he remains reluctant to use force until unavoidable. He also has arguably a photographic memory, having seemingly memorized the names and departments of every other team member and capable of doing so with even the long-winded officer titles they come across.

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