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The Supersonic Blade
Wonder-Blue art.png
Number 002
Weapon Valiantium Blade
Assignment Los Angeles, USA
Real name Eliot Hooker
Age 26y
Height 174cm
Weight 60kg
Occupation Detective
Hobby Watching baseball
Body type Layman
Found Operation 000

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Wonder-Blue is a member of The Wonderful 100.

Not shy or restrained in any sense, Wonder-Blue does not care for others or their opinions, unless of course he's trying to get praise out of them for doing something "cool". He shoots first and doesn't care about the questions, jumping into situations without much thought - and while he does have the raw skill to come out on top most of the time, about just as often he makes a fool of himself. Despite his disdain for teamwork and superiority complex, should he manage to work together, he gets the job done.

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