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This page's purpose is to, in the simplest terms possible, describe what The Wonderful 101 Wiki is, what it is not, and what it wants to be.

What we are[edit]

As of right now, the wiki is fresh and doesn't have much to stand on. As the wiki develops there will be more to put here.

What we are not[edit]

A forum.
Generally, wikis are for documentation, not discussion, There are better places than a wiki to talk about whatever you want.
A social site.
Don't sign up here just to chat with other users. People who are trying to get work done or watch for vandalism won't appreciate it.
A fanfic site
This wiki is for documentation of facts and reasonable/widespread speculation. It's not for people to make things up.

What we want to be[edit]

The best W101 wiki on the internet!
It's a lofty goal, but you gotta aim high, right?