Unite Whip

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Unite Whip
User Wonder-Pink, other whip-users
Input Wavy Wonder-Liner
Unite Gauge usage Data.svg
Function Attacking, spike removal, hook swinging

Unite Whip is a Unite Morph in the shape of a large spiked whip, primarily used by Wonder-Pink. The morph is created by drawing an S-shaped line with the Wonder-Liner and pressing A; any number of direction changes will count as long as the angles aren't sharp enough to be seen as a Z. As an attack, it slaps enemies for below-average damage without a natural combo. Its primary use in battle is not for damage, but for removal of spiked armour, which nothing else can bypass, damage, or destroy. Larger whips are capable of removing more armour at once, but even then some initial whip damage must be done before it can be pulled off.

Unite Whip is necessary to interact with parts of the environment, specifically either tearing down spiked walls or swinging across gaps by grabbing onto conveniently placed hooks.

Attack data[edit]

Attack Description Damage Combo Multiplier
Normal attack A basic whip. Data.svg Data.svg +0.05x
Wonderful Stinger A dashing, straight-poke whip strike. Data.svg 50+Data.svg Data.svg
Wonderful Rising A vertical lash that lifts the enemy into the air. Data.svg 50+Data.svg Data.svg
Wonderful Cyclone A spinning lash. Data.svg 50+Data.svg Data.svg
Level Members Damage
1 10 1.0x
2 20 Data.svg
3 50 Data.svg
4 100 Data.svg
5 200 Data.svg