Unite Hand

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Unite Hand
User Wonder-Red, other hand-users
Input Circular Wonder-Liner
Unite Gauge usage Data.svg
Function Attacking, environment manipulation, fire immunity

Unite Hand is a Unite Morph in the shape of a large hand, primarily used by Wonder-Red. The morph is created by drawing a circle with the Wonder-Liner and pressing A; incomplete circles can count, but there is the possibility of confusion with a square or spiral if those shapes have been unlocked. As an attack, it punches enemies for above-average damage in a four-hit combo, though it lacks in range somewhat. It has no particular advantages or disadvantages when it comes to effectiveness versus certain enemies.

Holding a Unite Hand renders the user immune to fire attacks; the hand will absorb the attack and be set alight, with subsequent attacks capable of setting enemies on fire for extra damage. A flaming Unite Hand also shoots fireballs when swung that bounce along the ground and can set even armoured enemies on fire. Should the combo counter reach 2.50x or higher, any Unite Hand formed will naturally be flaming. Fire will be lost if the morph is dissolved or the user enters water.

Unite Hand is necessary to interact with parts of the environment, such as turning gears, pulling levers, or setting torches on fire.

Attack data[edit]

Attack Description Damage Combo Multiplier
Combo hit 1 A right-to-left punch. Data.svg Data.svg +0.04x
Combo hit 2 A left-to-right punch. Data.svg Data.svg +0.04x
Combo hit 3 An uppercut. Data.svg Data.svg +0.04x
Combo hit 4 A straight punch. Data.svg Data.svg +0.04x
Wonderful Stinger A straight punch that covers a decent amount of ground. Data.svg 50+Data.svg +0.04x
Wonderful Rising A spinning uppercut that lifts the enemy into the air. Data.svg 50+Data.svg +0.04x
Wonderful Cyclone A spinning punch. Data.svg 50+Data.svg +0.04x
Level Members Damage
1 10 1.0x
2 20 Data.svg
3 50 Data.svg
4 100 Data.svg
5 200 Data.svg