Unite Hammer

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Unite Hammer
User Wonder-Yellow, other hammer-users
Input Line-circle Wonder-Liner
Unite Gauge usage Data.svg
Function Attacking, armour removal, crack bashing, heaviness, cover

Unite Hammer is a Unite Morph in the shape of a large hammer, primarily used by Wonder-Yellow. The morph is created by drawing a straight line topped with a circle with the Wonder-Liner and pressing A; the direction change from line to circle has to be 90 degrees or more, or something like Unite Whip may be chosen instead. As an attack, it bashes enemies for high damage with a single hit. It's capable of damaging armour more than other morphs in addition to taking no recoil from it. Holding up a Unite Hammer also blocks attacks from above, assuming the hammer is large enough to match the attack. However, its slow attack speed makes it less-than-ideal for most situations.

Unite Hammer is necessary to interact with parts of the environment, specifically pounding holes in cracked surfaces. Unite Hammer is also heavy enough to sink in water regardless of size, making it much easier to get underwater. Finally, Unite Hammer is how one obtains buried treasures found by the Treasure Sensor; while circling specifc points with the Wonder-Liner will reveal some things, others can only be found by pounding the ground.

Attack data[edit]

Attack Description Damage Combo Multiplier
Normal attack A basic pound. Data.svg Data.svg Data.svg
Wonderful Stinger A horizontal hammer stirke that travels much ground. Data.svg 50+Data.svg Data.svg
Wonderful Rising A vertical flip that lifts the enemy into the air. Fastest attack by a significant margin. Data.svg 50+Data.svg Data.svg
Wonderful Cyclone A spinning bash. Data.svg 50+Data.svg Data.svg
Level Members Damage
1 10 1.0x
2 20 Data.svg
3 50 Data.svg
4 100 Data.svg
5 200 Data.svg