Unite Gun

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Unite Gun
User Wonder-Green, other gun-users
Input Angled Wonder-Liner
Unite Gauge usage Data.svg
Function Long-range attacking, projectile pickup/firing

Unite Gun is a Unite Morph in the shape of a large gun, primarily used by Wonder-Green. The morph is created by drawing an angled line with the Wonder-Liner and pressing A; arcs can count if less than half of a circle, and if another shape is available it must be drawn in a single motion. As an attack, it fires Wonderful Ones as bullets to damage enemies; enemies are damaged even if they are blocking, while if they aren't the Wonderful Ones fired latch on as a Climb Attack.

Unite Gun is capable of picking up certain objects, such as idle cannonballs or defeated Dough-Goos. Picked up objects can then be fired.

Unite Gun is necessary to interact with parts of the environment, specifically the shooting of bullseye targets.

Attack data[edit]

Attack Description Damage Combo Multiplier
Normal attack Fires a single bullet. Data.svg Data.svg +0.10x
Wonderful Stinger Fires several bullets on full auto. Shoots faster by mashing A. Data.svg Data.svg Data.svg
Wonderful Rising A spin move that lifts the enemy into the air and then juggles them with several shots, which can be fired faster with A. Data.svg Data.svg Data.svg
Wonderful Cyclone A spin move that fires six bullets in various directions. Used by Gun assists. Data.svg Data.svg Data.svg


Unlike all other Unite Morphs, each level of Unite Gun has a unique shape.

  • Level 1 is a standard handgun. It is the only form used for the Stinger, Rising, and Cyclone.
  • Level 2 is a Super Scope.
  • Level 3 is a hwacha-like device that fires several bullets at once.
  • Level 4 is a tank that takes extremely long to fire.
  • Level 5 is simply a larger Super Scope.

Also unlike other morphs, levels 3 and 4 of Unite Gun must be unlocked by levelling up Gun users. Upon reaching an unknown total level, level 3 is unlocked as Unite Launcher, and levelling up all Gun users to max unlocks level 4 as Unite Cannon.

As a final oddity, levels 3 and 4 of Unite Gun cannot be selected by drawing a larger Wonder-Liner shape, but instead a different shape altogether: a square. The size of the square controls whether level 3 or 4 is used (should both be unlocked), in the same way the size of an angled line determines level 1 or 2.

Level Members (gun) Members (per shot) Damage
1 10 1.0x
2 20 Data.svg
3 50 Data.svg
4 100 Data.svg
5 200 Data.svg