Unite Bomb

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Unite Bomb
User Wonder-Black, other bomb-users
Input Circle-line Wonder-Liner
Unite Gauge usage Data.svg
Function Attacking, enemy/environment slowdown

Unite Bomb is a Unite Morph in the shape of a large bomb, primarily used by Wonder-Black. The morph is created by drawing a circle topped with a straight line with the Wonder-Liner and pressing A; the direction change from line to circle has to be 90 degrees or more, or something like Unite Whip may be chosen instead. Once thrown, the morph explodes into a dark spherical field that deals damage to all enemies within a range dependant on the morph's size. The explosion remains in place for several seconds (again, dependant on its size) and causes any enemy or environmental object inside to move at a very slow pace. The slowdown effect lasts for a time after the explosion has ended and is denoted by a mottled purple wrapping the affected targets. Only one explosion can exist at a time (with the exception of the Wonderful Cyclone technique, which throws three); attemping to form a Unite Bomb will simply fail if one is currently in progress. The damage done by the team is amplified while inside the explosion, not notably by Attack Liner, which is considered by some to be a cheap combination due to its suddenly extreme power.

Unite Bomb is necessary to interact with parts of the environment, specifically slowing down fast-moving objects so they can be traversed or avoided.

Attack data[edit]

Attack Description Damage Combo Multiplier
Normal attack Throws a bomb. Data.svg Data.svg +0.10x
Wonderful Stinger Throws a bomb a distance forwards. Data.svg 50+Data.svg Data.svg
Wonderful Rising Throws a bomb upwards. Data.svg 50+Data.svg Data.svg
Wonderful Cyclone Throws three bombs in various directions. The second and third bombs only appear if enough members are available, are always of the smallest size, and never overlap with the first or each other. Data.svg 50+Data.svg Data.svg
Level Members Damage
1 10 1.0x
2 20 Data.svg
3 50 Data.svg
4 100 Data.svg
5 200 Data.svg