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The Guild of Evil Aliens Terrorising Humans with Jiggawatt bombs, Energy beams, Ray guns, and Killer lasers (ギルド オブ イーブル エイリアンズ テロライジンゲ ヒューマン ウィズ ジゴワット・ボム,エナジービーム,レイガン,アンド キラーレーザー), also known as the GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada or informally the Jerks, is an organization of several alien species hailing from an unknown region of space. Their sole mission is to destroy the Galactic Coalition.


The GEATHJERK originate from approximately 1500 years in the future. According to Jergingha, the GEATHJERK were invaded by the Galactic Coalition, which then formed the Galactic Imperium and began subjugating them on a grand scale. In an effort to stop this "nightmare", GEATHJERRK decided to launch a temporal attack, sending an unknown but impressively large fleet back in time in order to wipe out the Coalition before it forms. By using galatic energy tides to launch attacks on planets known to be founding members of the Coalition, they succeed in stomping all their targets except one: Earth.

The initial GEATHJERK attack on Earth was more of a scouting mission than a full-blown offensive, resulting in sigificant but manageable damages to both sides. After Earth began research on defensive technology, GEATHJERK attacked again twenty years later with a much larger force, punching huge holes in the planet's continents and getting a firm grip on everything relatively quickly. Only a swarm of digital pandemic missiles, delivered into the GEATHJERK mothership via suicide attack, forced the aliens into retreat.

Having learned that GEATHJERK was using a twenty-year-long energy tide to move its forces into position, Earth prepared in earnest for the inevitable Earth Defense War III. As expected, GEATHJERK brang down its entire army on the planet, though it could only get a few battalions and officers inside the planetary shield before it became operational. Upon successfully bringing down the shield, the invasion was scheduled to begin in earnest - only for the humans' ace in the hole, the Shirogane Comet, to fire and obliterate the entire armada. But the Comet's success did little more than reveal GEATHJERK's final trump card, GEATH-Waksay, which quickly produced a new armada. Despite this, The Wonderful 100 infiltrated the planetary fortress and destroyed it, bringing GEATHJERK's invasion to an end.

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